What began with the need to build a high-performing sales force in the resort real-estate industry in 2004 has turned into a boutique offering of exclusive tools, insights and guidance for the hiring and coaching of high-performing individuals and teams. For over a decade, we've been helping companies grow successfully across multiple disciplines and industries. Insight Profiling has helped build and grow teams of engineers, graphic designers, chemists, accountants, service technicians, salespeople, photographers, and nearly everything in between. We’ve helped successful engineering firms re-align their team dynamics, tech start-ups make their first hires all the way to their executive hires, and multiple small businesses grow their companies from the founders up. We’ve also become quite good at helping individuals realize their talents and find better alignment both within their careers and in their personal lives.

Who We Are


Juddy Arnold

Adventurer, speaker, entrepreneur, and all-around fun guy to know, Juddy is an expert in human connection and authentic communication. He has leveraged the power of in-depth psychometrics to help people build better businesses, better relationships, and better lives for over a decade.

When not exploring other parts of the world, speaking on the topic of Heart Performance™, or working face-to-face with clients, Juddy can be found spending time with his wife, Courtney, their daughter, Reese, and the newest edition to their family, Ensley, born in August 2015. Having spent most of his life living in the mountains or along the coast in the Southeast, he and his family moved to Carlsbad, CA in 2014, where they can see the mountains and the beach at the same time! 

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Jared Cullop

Entrepreneur, business advisor, race car driver... Jared's 36 years have been rather eventful.
He and his wife, Erin, have four kids. Elias is six and is the "spittin' image" of Jared. Jojo (Joseph) is three and is Jared's secret savings plan, whether NFL player or Calvin Klein model. He's gorgeous. Madeline is extremely clever and inventive, already at just two years old, and the poor thing looks just like Jared too. Scarlet was born in January 2015, and seems to be a strawberry blonde with deep blue eyes. Jared and Erin have their hands full! To read more of Jared's story, click here. He has his own page.

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