We help people live better lives.

We believe the first focus of a business should be on its people.  The more self-aware and connected a person is, the greater their performance in all aspects of life. That's why we offer in-depth, personal discovery and coaching packages to individuals as well as companies. You don’t have to be affiliated with one of our corporate clients in order to take advantage of the insights and guidance we provide through our profiling and coaching services. Whether you’re looking to take your professional performance to the next level, or move beyond a personal “stuck” point, our one-on-one profile review and coaching packages can help you bring more energy and freedom to the places where you feel unclear or limited. For over a decade, we've helped our clients unlock greater potential and power in both their professional and personal lives. Discover for yourself what's possible for you!

Individual Packages:

  • Hiring Assessment and Coaching - After completing your assessment, we'll schedule a one-hour session to help you align with your talents and support needs, see yourself through the eyes of a prospective employer and learn to represent yourself fully and accurately during hiring and promotion interviews.
  • Personal Discovery Package - Who are you? What matters to you? Why? Over the course of a few weeks, we'll use the results of your assessment to better align your talents, beliefs, and pursuits. Very few things offer greater potential for breakthroughs than clarity and a new perspective. We'll help you find both!
  • Performance Coaching Packages - Once you know who you are, how you process information, and what inspires you, it's time to go do some amazing things! Our 12 and 24 week performance coaching packages are focused on helping you reconnect with yourself and gain more clarity, energy and influence in your life, relationships and career.  
I went through the Insight Profiling system with Juddy recently and the combination of the assessment itself and the way he was able to “read into” the results has changed my view on personal assessments. I have taken many different tests and found that they all seemed to label me simply as a certain type of person or set of character traits. Juddy was able to use the results of the Insight tools to show me areas of my life that I have grown significantly and also areas that could use some work. I found both Juddy and the review process to be extremely insightful and a great tool to help me grow professionally and personally. I would highly recommend Juddy and Insight Profiling for anyone looking for personal or professional growth.
— Brad Heydon Operations Manager, JCI Marketing

One-on-one, personalized coaching packages are available by request.