Build a better team. Build a better business.

It’s natural for people to project an image they believe will bring them the highest chance of success in a given environment - especially during an interview! Unfortunately, a projected image isn't always representative of a person's potential creativity, production, or stability. Reaching high levels of performance while functioning out of a projected persona is often the cause of burn-out for team members and costly losses in turnover for companies. With our unique set of tools,  we give you the insight you need to find people whose skills and beliefs are aligned with the needs and culture of your company. In a world where authenticity and perpetual performance are becoming the new keys to growth, we offer clear steps to finding and aligning the right people with opportunities that allow them to function in their genius.

Primary VALUE to YOU:

  • Clarity on who your candidates are and how they are likely to perform.
  • Greater insight into the motivations and support needs of prospective employees.
  • Reduced cost in turn-over and culture conflicts.
A company’s culture can make or break a business and while most understand this, few do anything to influence it. We consider data in all other aspects of business, so why not with the hiring process? And that’s where Juddy and Insight Profiling came in and helped us to push our business to the next level. Skeptical at first, Juddy suggested we start by profiling myself, and I was shocked at the accuracy and depth. Since 2011, all potential team members have gone through Juddy’s process, and the results have been nothing short of remarkable. After this change, we now have a team where each member is perfectly suited for their role, leading to workplace cohesion, a practically non-existent turnover, and an amazingly strong culture. Juddy has had a tremendous impact on not only my professional life, but also in my personal life – our conversations have been hugely impactful in my personal development. Juddy and Insight Profiling are a critical factor in our success as a company and as individual people.
— Jordan Watson, CEO National Speed, Inc.